President Trump went to Afghanistan in a secret government-only plane and said, “Take out 30 to 40% of the US troops stationed. Do well with the Afghan government in the Taliban.”

2019/12/02 ブログ

President Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Bill on November 27
After seeing that it was established, I went to Afghanistan with a secret government machine. this
Is also the command of China's most important town. “Take 30 to 40% of US troops stationed in Afghanistan
So talk to the Afghan government in the Taliban and do well. "
Afghanistan discusses with the Taliban, if not all, US forces
If controversial, the current 14,000 US troops stationed will be reduced by more than 5000
It is. Also, the conclusion of the talks between the US and the Taliban is the inclusion of the Taliban and the Afghan government.
President Trump, who opens the door to direct negotiations for peace, will withdraw this year if possible.
I want to retreat. Withdrawal of 30-40% of US troops stationed in Afghanistan, democratization of China, Korean war
The issue of the end of the war and the reunification of the Korean peninsula will be over by this year. President Trump
Visiting Afghanistan, November 29, 7:00 am, Grand Order, former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone
Died at a hospital in Tokyo, symbolizing the end of an era. This is the Emperor
This is an analysis of the situation of Tadashi Kibi, who is close to his Majesty. Continues below.

 China takes countermeasures against the decision of the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democratic Law” in the United States.
But he doesn't say anything about what to do. Big
The signing of the command is that the U.S. military is going to maintain security as a UN military.
It means that you can. In response, the Stars and Stripes posted in Hong Kong
I'm bald. In fact, China ’s heavyweight town, the top of the United Nations,
Saying "Go."
In such circumstances, President Trump made a blitz visit to Afghanistan. The
I'm not going to send UN troops to China. Don't do
Will send an organization like a military advisory team, as it did in Iran
It may be.

However, President Trump is now leaving Afghanistan and returning home.
The The Chinese People's Liberation Army staying in Afghanistan is the most powerful army,
There is no movement. But Hong Kong won 80% of the elections and won,
Real, reign of Xi Jinping Jintao, has already finished. Suppress Chinese confusion
That and the problem of the Korean peninsula will be done in parallel.
”Which is the first after the problem in Hong Kong has settled and the problem in China has settled down
President Trump is going to Pyongyang, but President Trump
That is not to say there is no possibility of going to North Korea. might exist.
□ For President Trump, both the Russian and Ukrainian gates are calm.
So there was no possibility of being impeached, and the presidential election was promising. from now on
China's democratization, withdrawal of Afghanistan, withdrawal of US troops in Korea, unification of the Korean Peninsula, Turkey and Indonesia
A book called “Realization of New Innovation”, such as the resolution of the Slael, Kurdish, and Syrian problems
We will concentrate on solving Maru's problems.
(This is President Trump and President Putin, holding behind their hands.
So, what is going on around the front stage. In the US, it entered December
Solve these series of problems before Christmas, or make a plan for a solution.
You have to bring it all the way.

[I ’m not sure if that ’s the case, but President Trump ’s
There is a good chance that an electric shock visit will be made to Pyongyang, as in the case of a gate store visit. In China
I won't go. Go to Pyongyang, there Xi Jinping Jintao and Bunzai tiger President go, it
May occur following a visit to Afghanistan.
This is because the trade dispute between the US and China has been substantially discussed.
If it continues beyond this, the Chinese economy will really collapse. Yaba
Yes. Moreover, it is China that knows it best, and democratization is the only way.
Yes. To that end, it is like the ghost that comes out of the kuzu box.
The elders all came out. Do not do anything such as Xi Jinping Jintao
Yes. So the flow has already come. Possibility to go in view of President Trump's personality
Is expensive. There is nothing to do now in the United States.
North Korea ’s missiles are “Todome” and “Guns”. US-Korea military exercises stopped
There was also a story about the withdrawal of US forces in Korea. An indirect talk about lifting economic sanctions was also made. About it
Mr. Toshihiro Nikai, the secretary general of the government, said, “If there is no change,
There is no blessing. " That means that Secretary-General Toshihiro Nikai and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihito Tsuji
It may be that he began to understand the instructions of China's heavyweight town.